Friday, December 26, 2014

The Day After Christmas and All Through the House ...

This was a hard year to catch the Christmas spirit. Other than a few internet purchases, I really didn't do any shopping ahead of time. Which is odd for me as usually I am 90% done before Thanksgiving. But Christmas shopping was definitely a Me & Mom kind of thing and my heart just wasn't ready. Luckily the Saturday before Christmas my oldest daughter came home and we did a marathon trip to the "Lifestyle Center"and got most everything. It was fun. We had a really great time being together. I hadn't had much just the two of us time recently so it was quite special.

Our Christmas celebration started early. Autumn left for Sweden right before Christmas so we had a partial early Christmas on Sunday. (Yes the day right after the shopping spree -guess what I did Saturday night) Matt read the Christmas story from the Bible and Santa filled the girl's stockings with goodies. We exchanged gifts with Autumn that evening; herr biggest surprise, a Madewell leather purse.

Christmas eve, Carey Anne, my youngest daughter, and I went to my brother Robby's house and had soup with him and his family after church. They made traditional plum pudding and eggnog. 

Christmas morning was nice and quiet. Pete made a wonderful frittata from various left-overs and we oo'd and ah'd over all the presents. Carey Anne got a juicer so we had Champange with strawberry, carrot, and blueberry juice. Yum!

Now, the day after Christmas, I am heading over to Robby's house again to visit him and my youngest brother, Patrick who just came in from Baltimore. My middle brother and his family will be here late tonight. I've got to get the makings for our big dinner as Saturday we will feast (as if we hadn't eaten enough already -lol) Then Patrick heads back home Sunday and we will head to Mississippi to visit my Mam-maw, who just turned 97 year old about a week ago.

That's a quick update. I hope you and yours have had a very Merry Christmas and that this coming year will be your best ever!

Hugs and Kisses,
Laurie Anne 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Adventure Girl (Part Three)

Adventure Girl (Part Three)
Well here it is; the final touches. (If you want to follow the whole process; start with Part One then Part Two and finally finish up here with Part Three)

More details on the face and feathers, a little more contrast with white acrylic and black ink and I am ready to scan the canvas. Then Photoshop Time for a few minor tweaks. I decide to try the face paint again. I tend to think of it as war paint -you know life is a battle field and all -but in a good, ready for anything kind of way. This time I copy some of the blue from the background and paste as thick and thin stripes. One of the nice things about photoshop is that with layers nothing has to be permanent if you don’t want it to be -a touch of the mouse and on and off they go.

I apply translucent doodles in red and black on to the girl’s top with custom brushes. I use the dodge and burn tools to to darken the edges and intensify the contrast between elements.

Artful Bits and Bytes

The painting is now complete. Here she is -my brave little warrior girl ready for her grand adventures. Part Phileas Fogg, part Tom Sawyer, part Pocahontas. Poised at that point in life when you truly become yourself. You are ready to take on the word armed with open eyed optimism and fabulous feathers. No doors have yet shut. It is such a scary but exhilarating moment. The world is full of endless possibilities. You feel both small and large. Almost invincible. It is a time for bravery and courage. You are powerful.

There are the obvious milestones in our life when we stand at these crossroads; the transition out of  elementary school then from Jr. High to High School and finally graduation. There is your first big trip, first time living alone, or becoming a parent. There are also those scary transitions like when you quit a stable job to follow a passion. Complicated transitions like the ending of a marriage. Sometimes these times of empowerment don’t have an actual outward sign at all; it is a blooming of the heart and you just know you are ready; Ready for whatever is next. The risk of remaining in the bud is more painful than the risk to blossom.

Finally as the last bit, I have played around with the colors and shapes of my adventure girl; skin, hair, eyes, mouth to reflect the rainbow which is us. All ready for our story to continue.

As girls, young and old, fair and dark, we embrace change and the beautiful possibilities that are yet to come. We will seek the unknown and laugh as the wind tousles our hair, keeping our minds curious and our hearts open.

Anais Nin

Quote for the day: I have no idea if it is original or something I copied long ago as it comes from one of my journals but I really like what it says. "Courage doesn't always roar; sometimes it is the little voice at the end of the day that says I'll try again tomorrow."

... & flash is not working again so no music for today. drats :(

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Adventure Girl (Part Two)

Adventure Girl (Part Two)

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Adventure Girl (Part One)

Sunday, November 30, 2014

We Are Family!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just a quick post to say I am so blessed and to share a couple of this year's Thanksgiving pics as well as one of my Mom & Dad. 

I actually typed up a real Thanksgiving post but I did it in pages and now the file is corrupt and I just don't feel like trying to recreate it :( but the main focus was even though it has been a tough year, I am so grateful for my family, my friends, and all the amazing blessings that I tend to be so busy and distracted that I simply overlook them. 

Nashville with my crazy family was wonderful; the weather was lovely and we spent lots of fun moments together... Saw the Rockettes, the Predators game, Mocking Jay Part One, played Frisbee Golf and Crimes Against Humanity (totally inappropriate but hilarious), got Mani/Pedis and ate way too much Turkey. The kids (grandkids) gave each of the siblings a Spirit Bag in honor of Mom & Dad with special little gifts from each one. David and Stephen took some of Dad's shirt's and had each of the girls an apron made. We talked and laughed (yes, I cried a bit) It truly was a special time.

Mom & Dad (with Miss Hattie)

More Music for Today: Sister Sledge "We are Family"

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Flourish, Soar, Fly!

This is a very personal piece I am sharing.  One that I created as a photoshop blending of two pages in my art journal.  I just listed it on etsy as a grandmother asked if I had anything appropriate to give her granddaughter and I think this one would be perfect!

Art by Laurie Anne

This painting is of a younger and older version of one person (myself) or a daughter and mother/ grandmother or even an aspiring artist and her muse/ creative spirit or mentor.  I love art that can be taken in many ways depending on the circumstances and mood of the viewer -so even though I will explain some of what this piece means to me, it can mean something wholy different to you and that is just plain awesome! 

The older woman represents the wisdom, creativity, and the traditions which experience and perspective bring. The young girl is wide eyed, optimistic, and just beginning her life's journey. There is a softness and innocence in her unblinking stare. She is holding a mirror gifted by the older woman for reflection and self-awareness. Isn't it interesting how different events seem, when viewed through the lens of a little time?

The older woman is floating in prayer or meditation allowing her life to flow and transform her younger self or cherished one. Through her hand, she is passing along strength and fearlessness. She is holding a heart with the words wisdom and joy because I believe these are two attributes most easily gained through experience, both good and bad. Sure it is easier to be happy when you are young and the world is your oyster (as it should be) but joy, inner joy is so much more than a smile. It is deep and can not be stolen by circumstances. What a gift! 

The butterflies and open flower represent change, a bloosoming into all that you can be -beautiful and free. I love the quote: 
"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." -Anais Nin. 
So true, isn't it?  We are bound primarily by restrictions in our minds, not reality, but invisible chains are even harder at times to break than ones of fiber or metal and sometimes it helps when others lovely remind us of this fact. We really are free. We really are strong. We really are Enough!

The little houses represents where we come from. Our past; the people, places and events that shape our future. The brushes and pencils are for creativity and self expression. The words, Soar, Flourish, and Fly, well they kind of speak for themselves. What beautiful affirmations and inspirations. Be wholy who you are. Do not fear, you have all you need within you and around you.   

S  O  A  R ,   F  L  O  U  R  I  S  H ,   F  L  Y  !!!!

I hope this piece speaks to you. Let it remind you or someone dear that they are amazing, they can do anything they dream, and they have a responsibilty to share thier gifts with the world.  I believe in you whether you are the young one, the old one, or both. Dare to be yourself!

Morning Music: Express Yourself (Say Yes) - Jon Batiste and Stay Human
I am feeling a little jazzy this morning and Jon Batiste with Stay Human are the perfect indulgence!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Grand Festival of Art


The Grand Festival of Art in Fairhope was this past weekend. It was located on the grounds of Faulkner Junior College. Very park like... nice. It was a lovely break from a very stressful work week.

I got to enjoy the amazing almost autumn weather while manning my booth. Still a bit hot in the sun but the humidity was down and you know that crisp fall scent -so distinct, crisp, slightly fresh even - well I got a whiff of it. My favorite season hands down. It makes you want to bite an apple, sip some hot chocolate, throw on a scarf and cuddly sweatshirt or sweater (the one that is a little too big and has been washed so much its baby bottom soft but fraying along the edges), light a fire, climb a tree, ride a bike, plant some mums, daydream in a hammock ....  Oh Yeah my favorite season!!! Welcome Autumn!!! I can't wait to create a few fall inspired paintings.

But now back to this past weekend, the pace was pretty slow but enough to do ok especially since my expenses didn't include gas or a place to stay. The nice thing about the slowness (and beautiful weather) is that I got to create this little beauty here. It is a small canvas with mostly white acrylic, graphite and watercolor crayons (easy to carry along type supplies)

Laurie Sikorowski - Out on a Limb
"Out on a Limb"

At first I wasn't going to have a girl on it. In fact, I painted a dragonfly with a top hat to befriend my birdie originally but it was missing something. So even though I was quite proud of how my dragonfly's wings turned out, I painted over him. Sometimes you've got to go with your gut and adjust. I love how her body is a little plumper than most of my girlies. Also even though my scrap stash was quite limited at the show, only a small ziplock baggy full, I think I found the perfect hair. It is from part of a large scale purple flowered scrapbook sheet. I pinched out the center from one of the flowers and Ta-Da ... Here she is! Out on a Limb with her Bestie Birdie!

Music: God Only Knows (Mixed Artists)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Simple Things

Hello Dear Ones! I've a new painting to share :)
Simple things detail

Life can feel so complicated and it is so easy to lose our joy.  I created this little piece is a reminder to take an emotional step back, breathe, and count my BLESSINGS.  I've been lost and overwhelmed lately and so often it truly is the simple things in life which re-center us - goodness knows I need a bit of re-centering

This painting was concieved from a comment/request from a lady on etsy who is going through a rough time right now.  Her husband recently left and I can relate to her pain. Dreams shattered hurt worse than broken bones.  She has three daughters; the blondes are twins so how fun to create something positive to celebrate this beginning of her new path in life. 

Joining this sweet little family are birds, flowers, and stars all under a waning moon. There is also a butterfly in the mother's hair as a nod to my mom's transformation as she passed from this earthly home to her eternal one along side my dad. Creating art helps me process life and heal from still raw emotions. My heart swells when I think  it might also brings a bit of light and joy in to the live's of those who view it :)

I've included snippets of items from my own MOM in this piece: leaves cut from a sympathy card, words cut from one of her favorite "tea" napkins, the moon and stars cut from a watercolored sheet that she had doodled on, and finally the daughter's tops which I cut from another of her tissue paper and watercolored sheets. The background music applied to the wood board (a scrap sample from work) is "Across the Universe."
Mixed Media Family Art

I've included a few photos to share my meandering process of creating art. Notice in the first photo I've finished most of my background and am playing with the girl's placement on the panel. I painted the faces separately in my mixed media pad then cut them out so I could see what layout worked best with the patterns that had evolved on the background. Also I wanted this painting to be a little brighter and softer than most of my work so I used almost only white and yellow acrylics along with watercolor crayons until near the very end. In the next photo, I've change the orientation completely and am almost done. I've collaged on manipulated scrapbook papers for the hair. The bottom photo is the finished piece; I've added the stars, the pink birds' cheeks and highlights to the girls' faces. I also rubbed a red pastel only the edge of the panel. I hope you've enjoyed seeing some of how my art comes together! Prints are available on Etsy if you'd like a copy of your own :)

Music for today: of course "Across the Universe"  by the Beatles, and sung by Rufus Wainwright and sung by Fiona Apple :)
Below: my initial inspiration sketch tucked in one of my many journals.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Happy Things

Hello! I've got a quick question for you: What things make you Happy? Well, while going through the books and magazines to ready my parent’s home for an estate sale, I came upon an issue of Country Living where author Mary Randolph Carter had written an  article and within  was this marvelous snippet, “… I’ve learned not to let guilt or someone else’s taste overcome the pleasure of my desire. Let yourself fall in love with something that simply makes you happy.” What a wonderful statement. 

How often do we let something other than our heart dictate what we like? Glitter is tacky. Primary colors are for kids. Sweet is unsophisticated. Pastels are passé. Whatever. So many rules for what we are supposed to like.

Yes, as we become more educated and are exposed to new experiences, we are able to understand and appreciate items that at first don’t draw us in. In the realm of food, think coffee, red wind, and caviar. Rare is the person who adored any of those at first but then once the taste is developed … mmm! In art it is similar; some works become more amazing once the context and concepts are understood.

I remember the first time I read the book “Seeing is forgetting the name of the thing one sees” by Robert Irwin. A light bulb went off and non-representational art suddenly became much more accessible and interesting. I could appreciate what before had seemed only simple, or ugly, or boring. Well, unless it had pretty bright colors then I'd probably liked it regardless -just call me MAGPIE.

Which brings me back to my original topic (yes, detours are the rule here in my blog, not the exception)  As new horizons open up before us, we shouldn’t let that child-like “gut” love be covered up. You know that almost instantaneous reaction to something that calls to you. Maybe it is cute, or nostalgic, or simply brings a smile to your face. That’s the beauty -it doesn’t matter what it is that makes it sing. That unconscious reaction is personal and unique, just like you.

A few of my own happy things :)
Indulge you inner self occasionally and sprinkle little things you love about your space: a tiny toy car tucked up on a shelf, a bouquet of bright paper flowers on the night stand, a quaint painted rock placed by the fireplace, a dried heart shaped leaf pinned to a bulletin board, a slightly rusted antique watering can nestled in the garden, a sweet little art print (yes, like any of mine -hint, hint) displayed beside your computer, whatever makes your heart fuzzy inside. Cost, importance, or permanence isn't important. Don't get caught up on whether your mother-in-law will approve or if it is going to match your sofa. 

For me, creating and viewing the etsy treasuries as well as pinterest boards is a digital way of collecting these "happys". While creating art, it is getting lost in decorative papers, swooshing creamy paints on with my fingers, and tweaking the tiny details to give just the right expression to one of my girl's faces. In life, it is spending time savouring special relationships and enjoying everyday moments: laughing, dreaming, dancing ... -but that is getting too broad for this little post to share tonight, but definitely something to ponder for another day though.

Ok now I am sort of jumping around in thoughts again but I've had a notion to set up a framed print in my hall and make a ritual of switching out the image with the seasons and holidays. (The connection: It makes me happy) I already kind of do this for Christmas as I have a couple favorite holiday prints from old calendars and small originals I've collected through the years that I bring out and display for the month of December then tuck back into storage the rest of the year. It's fun and I look forward to seeing them. But now I really think I will start a little collection of my own art as prints all the same size that I can switch out of a designated frame each month. Maybe it could be the beginning of a calendar set. Hmmmm -I'll have to think about this :)

Well good evening (or morning or afternoon depending on what time a day it is when you read this) I hope your week is full of happy surprises!

Music for tonight (an oldie): Gary Wright singing Dream Weaver

And below, the finished Ashton Artwork with collaged bits of Go Dog Go and Across the Universe Sheet Music. I posted progress pics in an earlier blog and figured it might be nice for folks to see the finished product (or almost finished as I did a little more but this is the last scan I made before sending it off)

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Hello Sunshine :)

I'll start with the sadness: My beautiful Mom passed away. It was so unexpected and I am still numb. The sun peaking through the clouds is that she is with my Dad dancing in thier heavenly home. She was missing him so.

We had confirmation that Mom had cancer on Monday and on Tuesday, she went in for surgery to stop internal bleeding which she never awoke from. The other little sunbeam in the thunderstorm is that she never had to endure what was going to be a very very hard stuggle.

Now some happiness: I am off to the Bahama Islands for some much needed R&R with my youngest daughter. Time to heal and process.

Song for the day: I'll Fly Away

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Painting -Frame and All!

Hello -I know it has been a while! 

Don't judge -I've got work reviews coming up and am having to do the evaluation forms so I am stressed enough. I hate filling them out. Are you good at this, can you do this well, rank yourself 1 to 5. Then lets compare each question with what each partner ranks you on each question. Oh how I love working for the man. Dreaming of escaping into my own little beautiful worlds. Dash the looming deadlines, impersonal emails, carefully worded questions.

Aw... the bliss of losing myself in to my art. Pretty colors, creamy paint, possibilities :)

I picked up several paintings/frames a while back from garage sales -totally chosen because of price -so much cheaper than buying canvases. I had already painted and textured the backgrounds. The picture above are the two I have left to complete. I think I've left these two for last because I really like how they have started out so I'm a slightly paralyzed as what to do on them. This is a problem sometimes with my "do backgrounds ahead of time" process. When I get one I really like then if I stop, I can have a hard time getting back to them -sort of a a mental -I don't want to screw it up issue. Much easier to start painting on a not so great background because I can only make it better. Weird -huh?

Well, I just painted and collaged on a sweet little girl this weekend. I was really feeling the need for positive affirmation and I loved the idea of being enough. Accepted. I've been struggling a little lately with this. I fully know I am. (Praise my Lord for proving this through his sacrifice) But sometime knowing something and feeling it are two different things. I thought this would be a quick painting but it actually took longer than expected. I like it though - a sweet little painting, nothing to deep or dark.

I think if I was to do it over, I might use a frame without the seams as collaging my pieces over them feels a bit "applied" and because of the seams it is hard to "blend" them into the whole. I could definitely see this in a little girl's room though. Shouldn't each of us know that we are enough and that it more than opinion, it is unshakable TRUTH.

Below is one more of my frame paintings. "The Agreement" This is a favorite of mine. Pretty intuitively painted. I keep it in my guest room which is striped with tangerine, gold and blue. It goes so perfectly and no I did not plan it that way. You can see a little "zeti" influence. I adore Tesha Moore and this gives a slight wink in her direction.

It is time to head to work now so I've got to wrap on up. Praying to stay calm, positive, and productive -& may your day be this way too! It is a glorious morning. The sun is shining and blessings are sure to fall, just got to keep my eyes open and my arms wide.

Music for the morning: John Legend's beautiful song "All of Me" with Lindsey Stirling!

Sunday, June 29, 2014


S H A R I N G 
I am a bundle of half secrets, and partial truths.
I am like an onion made of layers and layers of skin. Is there a core, a center? Or if peeled would there be nothing. How much is real?
I live double lives. How many of me are there? Are we the same? Is my essence me? I want to be known. But who am I? How can I build a relationship, if I don’t risk exposure. What am I hiding from? Who am I so afraid of?
We only love what we know. If I am unknowable, how can I expect love. Life is about trust. Once shattered, how can it be rebuilt.
It is NOT better to be safe than to be open but it is much easier. Safe is an illusion anyway. Life will never be safe. Who wants a safe life?
I say I want a passionate life. A truly passionate life is not shrouded in mist. I can fool myself by doing … so busy … accomplished … so exciting … so empty. Take away the masks -what is underneath. How can I let others in? Slowly, one layer at a time.

My Secret Self: three word poetry
"Found Phrases: Diary of My 13 Year Old Self"
"Half Hidden: Broken or Breaking Free"

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Painting Little

Hello & Good Evening!

Sweet Artist Trading Cards

Just posting a quick up-date on a few projects. First I've started a page of ATCs. I hadn't done many lately and just felt the need for a little swapping so I've got to get two with the theme "Serenity" out this month (yes, I know the month is almost over hence the hurry) I love to paint little sometimes. Such immediate gratification -well as immediate as any artsy thing I do. I am not the speediest to say the least. Can you guess my totem? The Turtle: slow but steady, has a tendency to snap when provoked, and likely to tuck back into its shell. Both of land and sea. Oh definitely the turtle. Now, I've always like redbirds and owls as well but you know, why buck my nature. Some things just are :)

Next to share: I am working on a custom piece of artwork related to the book "Go Dog Go." I've got several variations mocked up and I've got to decide which to turn into the final piece. I am letting Sheri, who commissioned the piece choose if she likes. I can visualize finishing anyone of them.

Any comments or thoughts from the blog'osphere? Just when I think I have a fav, I change my mind. Once a selection is made, I'll collage on then tweak and blend and add more paints and probably some pastels. Could include words depending -we will see.

Anyway, it is getting late and I am starting to yawn so I'd better turn out the light! 
Have an Artful Evening! 

Peace Out!

Music for tonight:
A double feature by
Iggy Azalea

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Treasury-Making 101

I Just Love Creating Treasuries!

Getting to gather together all these wonderful items. Sensory overload in the best possible way! Here are some hints on making treasuries based on how I create my collections. I've included screen shots of example treasuries; some are mine and some are created by others. Clicking on the image should take you to the featured treasury but note as they get older some of the items will disappear as they expire or are sold. Incase the links with the images don't work, I've also include a list with the treasury links at the end of the post as well as links to the treasury's curator. If there is one you really like, you can check out other treasuries made by the same person/shop by searching the treasuries by the maker's name.


You don't even need a shop to create treasuries, just a free account which is super simple to do. Here is the link to Etsy and of course to my shop ArtfulBitsAndBytes.


1- Make sure the first four items are cohesive and interesting as this is what people will see when browsing the treasuries. They can be beautiful /disturbing /whimsical /mysterious /whatever; just make sure they catch your eye. Let them start telling your story.

2- Have a color concept even if the treasury is more theme based than color based.


3- Two color treasuries are probably the easiest to make attractive. If you are new to treasury making, then I would start with a two color treasury. Ideally include a few items with both colors in them and then a few with each color individually. There some beautiful exceptions to this tip (as there are to everything else on this list) but it helps to start with some guidelines then start breaking them deliberately once you've got the hang of the basics.

slower-than-molasses-running-uphill  aqua-sand

4- In single color treasuries especially, watch out for using the same color but with fighting hues or values. A lot of first time treasury makers have trouble with this. Just because an item is listed blue doesn't necessarily mean everything blue you find will go well together in the treasury.

 simply-blushing active

5-Three or more color treasuries are fun but you need to make sure they are balanced with approximately the same amount of each color represented. I love multicolored collections. For a first three colored treasury, I'd pick two complementary colors and pair them with a neutral like cream, grey, tan, brown or black. Great neutrals are easy to find and matching hues and values isn't as critical when working with them.


6- Don't forget to notice the backgrounds in the items you plan on featuring. This especially true for treasuries with primarily white backgrounds. Some are pure white, some have a blue or grey tint and others a cream or yellow tint. Try to keep the whites consistent or at least notice and arrange them so they compliment each other. Mix it up occasionally and play with unusual or colorful backgrounds.


7- Arrangement matters: color/darkness/lightness. Think of your treasury as an overgrown tic-tac-toe board. Checkerboard darker and lighter images unless you are creating an intensionally monochromatic collection.


Arrangement matters: shape/category. Use a variety of different types of items with different shapes, textures, and patterns. Don't put similarly shaped items next to each other unless it is consciously done to reinforce a specific theme -like all circular or all heart shaped items.

9- Make your collections creative and inspiring. They should reflect your aesthetic and preferences. Give them an interesting or though provoking title. Sometimes mine will even start from the title I want to use.

brave-humble creamy-mushroom-and-pea-sauce

10- Use "Your Lists" to create color lists of items for future treasuries or of items from your favorite shops/people or those you have committed to feature. (The list button is right next to the heart button) Be creative in how you find your objects using less obvious keyword searches. Go beyond searching only by typical color names so that you can include unique unexpected items in your treasury. For example in the yellow and black Stop the Clock treasury below, I may have used the words: bumble bee and sunshine in my search even though it isn't a collection specifically about bumble bees or sunshine. Also strive to evoke an emotion. I think the Brave: Humble treasury above does quite an impressive job of this. (Don't let all these hints stress you out though, it is ok to create simple yet impressive collections without getting all deep and intense)

minty stop-the-clock-tagt

11- Try creating two treasuries at one time when you have several specific shops to include. Making one colorful and the other more neutral; this will make it is easier than trying to fit every shop into one palette. Very few shops have nothing to include as long as the item is surrounded by the right "friends". Making treasuries does serve as a reminder that you should try to make it easy for others to include your items in their treasuries by making your  own images "treasury-worthy." Some folks use the Treasurybox app. I've never used it but since people seem to rave about how easy it makes creating a treasury, I plan on checking it out at some point in the not so distant future.


12- Save as Draft while you are creating your treasury. I just started using this feature and it has saved many a treasury. First if your computer crashes (which mine is known to do from time to time) you will only lose the items since your last save. It also allows you to start a treasury, save and then come back later to finish. Another great thing about the draft feature is that while it is saved but you are not in the editing mode, you can click and go to any of the shops or items you have listed. Often the first items I select for my treasury need to be reselected at the end because I've sort of changed ideas mid-way. Being able to easily go back to the shops/items in my treasury allows me switch out items for others in the same shop before I save it for everyone to view. BUT don't forget to save for Everyone when you are completed because when your treasury is saved as a Draft no one but you can view it.
 golden-and-purple oh-my

13- Make sure people can find your treasuries. Use tags wisely -include colors and when applicable include trending tags. Share your treasuries via convos with the shops whose items you have included; most people appreciate the feature. Many teams have discussions where you can also post your treasuries and some even have treasury challenges or games. I am in a great team called the TAG Treasury Team (TAGT for short).

three-cheerssummer-sunshine brave-sweet-jainestand-out

Finally, share the LOVE I like to try and include some shops that may be new or don't have many sales. Sometimes this can be difficult when the photos aren't really ideal but I look on it as a challenge. Also reciprocate treasuries you have been featured in whenever possible. When you really like a treasury swing by the curator's shop and maybe fav a few of their items so they will go through your feeds. These aren't rules but nice ideas -not to mention it is always better to have Karma on your side.

Ta-Da! Now you are ready to start creating your own.
Have fun but I warn you, treasury making can be seriously addictive!

Eye Candy: zzzonkowl's blog highlights some of the best treasuries day by day. Looking at well curated collections and practicing with your own is the best way for you to improve your treasuries! Not everyone you do is going to be a masterpiece and that is perfectly Ok! (although if it is truly bad; don't publish it, wait until later and edit it with fresh eyes then publish it once one have a treasury you can be proud of)

Have an Artful Evening & Good Night!

Snapshot of What is Left of My First Ever Treasury!
Curators List:

Treasuries List: