Friday, December 26, 2014

The Day After Christmas and All Through the House ...

This was a hard year to catch the Christmas spirit. Other than a few internet purchases, I really didn't do any shopping ahead of time. Which is odd for me as usually I am 90% done before Thanksgiving. But Christmas shopping was definitely a Me & Mom kind of thing and my heart just wasn't ready. Luckily the Saturday before Christmas my oldest daughter came home and we did a marathon trip to the "Lifestyle Center"and got most everything. It was fun. We had a really great time being together. I hadn't had much just the two of us time recently so it was quite special.

Our Christmas celebration started early. Autumn left for Sweden right before Christmas so we had a partial early Christmas on Sunday. (Yes the day right after the shopping spree -guess what I did Saturday night) Matt read the Christmas story from the Bible and Santa filled the girl's stockings with goodies. We exchanged gifts with Autumn that evening; herr biggest surprise, a Madewell leather purse.

Christmas eve, Carey Anne, my youngest daughter, and I went to my brother Robby's house and had soup with him and his family after church. They made traditional plum pudding and eggnog. 

Christmas morning was nice and quiet. Pete made a wonderful frittata from various left-overs and we oo'd and ah'd over all the presents. Carey Anne got a juicer so we had Champange with strawberry, carrot, and blueberry juice. Yum!

Now, the day after Christmas, I am heading over to Robby's house again to visit him and my youngest brother, Patrick who just came in from Baltimore. My middle brother and his family will be here late tonight. I've got to get the makings for our big dinner as Saturday we will feast (as if we hadn't eaten enough already -lol) Then Patrick heads back home Sunday and we will head to Mississippi to visit my Mam-maw, who just turned 97 year old about a week ago.

That's a quick update. I hope you and yours have had a very Merry Christmas and that this coming year will be your best ever!

Hugs and Kisses,
Laurie Anne 

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