Sunday, September 29, 2013

Cleaning Day

Yesterday was a day for preparation. My initial plans were to finish up the risers on the porch. This has been an ongoing mosaic project. Little did I know how long it would take me to complete. (If I did I'm not sure I would have started)

Hurricane TileMost folks, at least the smart ones, start off slow and build up to more ambitious projects. Oh, not I. Having never done a tile mosaic, I decided to do the round family room porch. And just to make it more challenging, I decided I would use all recycled tile and other found objects. My my... first, since many of the tiles are from discontinued sample books, they had to be soaked and scrubbed to get the paper backing and glue off. Each individual teeny tiny glass tile. One by One. Then all the larger tiles broken and puzzled together. I really enjoyed it, it was just more time consuming and body aching (definitely body aching) than I anticipated.

Anyway, now the main floor is finally complete and all I have left are the risers which I plan to do in black rock and glass buttons. I thought I'd do that yesterday but -isn't there always a but -the tiles had been tucked (OK, basically thrown) into the rear shed and when I went to get what I needed that darn shed started haunting me.

Clean me, it whispered. Organize me, it shouted. You don't love me, it cried. The guilt got to me.

Out came all the stuff I had randomly crammed in and everything was laid out on the lawn. Luckily, it was an absolutely beautiful day. Sunny, slightly breezy, warm but not to humid. Just perfect for a fall cleaning. Everything got dusted or at a minimum shook or brushed off. I bought three new shelving units to go with the one I had. I also bought a few new cheapy baskets to replace the ones that were starting to crack and crumble. I resorted some of my tiles -the ones which were still in the cleaning buckets. (I have the outdoor kitchen counter to mosaic, but I'm not starting till I finish a few other projects) Best of all, everything is within reach and I no longer have to take out the mower to get to the tiles or stumble over tools to get to the potting soil or move all my paints to access the weed eater.

Now finally, I am ready to go be creative and get my art on. Yeah! Peace, Love, and Organization! Have an Awesome Day!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

I Just Want to Create .....Now

It was so hard to concentrate at work Friday. I actually wrote this at lunch on Friday but am just getting to post today (this no computer is no fun!) All I wanted to do is draw and paint and play. It doesn't help that it was beautiful outside, actually it is much too hot, but from the window at my nicely air conditioned desk, it looked glorious -Blue Skies and Puffy White Clouds.

Everything was calling to me; the semi-leafless branches framing the view of the post office (mail art anyone), the imagined roar of the ocean's waves (ok, it may have been the off and on hum of the mechanical units in the attic right above my workstation), even the fruity taste of the gum I was chewing begged me to paint some tropical Carmen Miranda portrait.

Oh, the longing was probably good for me. You know the old saying (I guess it is a saying because if it isn't it should be) The harder it is to get something the more you want it. An aside -Certainly this was true in the early years of my adolescent love life. Why did the aloof bad boys seem so appealing? Maybe I should explore this is a multi-sides diorama. I told you the art bug was biting hard -didn't say it had any discernment. I could just imagine the smell of the intoxicating aroma of fixative. Hum... maybe that's part of the whole art addiction issue. Just kidding of course.

Girly GirlsBut I certainly hope this desire holds. The feeling is kind of like when you first fall in love. The object of your affection is all you can think about. My art muse has been like that today.

Ok -This is me really today (Saturday) Luckily I am still inflected. The art bug is still a'itching. While, I wasn't able to devote the entire day to art - previous obligations, ladies luncheon, and such -I was able to play around some this evening, mostly small pencil sketches and a few postcards. It was fun. I hope I can take a few and develop them into larger works. If only I had more time!

Music for My Muse: Blurred Lines

Friday, September 13, 2013

Do You See

Have you ever noticed how much of what we see is dependent on what we want to see? All we have to do is truly open our eyes.

Hide and Go Seek
When you are looking for hearts, you end up seeing them everywhere and in everything; leaves, shadows, clouds, tree bark, and so on. Then when you are looking for something else you see it everywhere and the hearts disappear. I’ve been known to look at a clock, struck by its design then someone ask what time it is and I have no idea. I was looking right at the timepiece but the time was not what I was seeing.

 I get bored very quickly when walking but I can never get bored looking, watching, observing.  This is a trait I share with my Dad. He can sit and watch people, planes, plants, pretty much anything for hours.  My mom is the doer. Her energy level amazes me, even now that she has had to slow down because of physical problems she can still get more done in a day than I can in a week.

 Now back to the seeing … Often I will walk (as I did last night) the little path to the left of the big pier. Sometimes I really don’t want to –it is too hot, I’m tired, etc. but I know I really should.  9 times out of 10 though, once I get started I become completely absorbed in everything around me. I have walked this same loop so many times but there is always something new or the same thing I see in a whole new way.

Braingasm -Fresh ideas come rushing in. What if I tried this or drew that. The tangents lead me deep and deeper in to thought. Sometimes it is not my physical eyes that only open. It is the ones inside my head and the ones inside my heart.

 I find this particular location is especially magical. All places can be inspiring but have you ever noticed that certain areas just have that extra energy –well, to the left of the big pier is it for me.

God speaks and when I listen carefully and quietly enough I hear. It helps take the dark edges off and bring contentment and peace in focus. Awe is the word that rings in my head.

So in closing, may you have an awesome day. Open your eyes, your mind, your heart and truly see what an amazing world we live in.

The Soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts. –Marcus Aurelius Antoninus