Saturday, September 14, 2013

I Just Want to Create .....Now

It was so hard to concentrate at work Friday. I actually wrote this at lunch on Friday but am just getting to post today (this no computer is no fun!) All I wanted to do is draw and paint and play. It doesn't help that it was beautiful outside, actually it is much too hot, but from the window at my nicely air conditioned desk, it looked glorious -Blue Skies and Puffy White Clouds.

Everything was calling to me; the semi-leafless branches framing the view of the post office (mail art anyone), the imagined roar of the ocean's waves (ok, it may have been the off and on hum of the mechanical units in the attic right above my workstation), even the fruity taste of the gum I was chewing begged me to paint some tropical Carmen Miranda portrait.

Oh, the longing was probably good for me. You know the old saying (I guess it is a saying because if it isn't it should be) The harder it is to get something the more you want it. An aside -Certainly this was true in the early years of my adolescent love life. Why did the aloof bad boys seem so appealing? Maybe I should explore this is a multi-sides diorama. I told you the art bug was biting hard -didn't say it had any discernment. I could just imagine the smell of the intoxicating aroma of fixative. Hum... maybe that's part of the whole art addiction issue. Just kidding of course.

Girly GirlsBut I certainly hope this desire holds. The feeling is kind of like when you first fall in love. The object of your affection is all you can think about. My art muse has been like that today.

Ok -This is me really today (Saturday) Luckily I am still inflected. The art bug is still a'itching. While, I wasn't able to devote the entire day to art - previous obligations, ladies luncheon, and such -I was able to play around some this evening, mostly small pencil sketches and a few postcards. It was fun. I hope I can take a few and develop them into larger works. If only I had more time!

Music for My Muse: Blurred Lines

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  1. We alle need more time to create :)
    Love your sketches.