Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Painting -Frame and All!

Hello -I know it has been a while! 

Don't judge -I've got work reviews coming up and am having to do the evaluation forms so I am stressed enough. I hate filling them out. Are you good at this, can you do this well, rank yourself 1 to 5. Then lets compare each question with what each partner ranks you on each question. Oh how I love working for the man. Dreaming of escaping into my own little beautiful worlds. Dash the looming deadlines, impersonal emails, carefully worded questions.

Aw... the bliss of losing myself in to my art. Pretty colors, creamy paint, possibilities :)

I picked up several paintings/frames a while back from garage sales -totally chosen because of price -so much cheaper than buying canvases. I had already painted and textured the backgrounds. The picture above are the two I have left to complete. I think I've left these two for last because I really like how they have started out so I'm a slightly paralyzed as what to do on them. This is a problem sometimes with my "do backgrounds ahead of time" process. When I get one I really like then if I stop, I can have a hard time getting back to them -sort of a a mental -I don't want to screw it up issue. Much easier to start painting on a not so great background because I can only make it better. Weird -huh?

Well, I just painted and collaged on a sweet little girl this weekend. I was really feeling the need for positive affirmation and I loved the idea of being enough. Accepted. I've been struggling a little lately with this. I fully know I am. (Praise my Lord for proving this through his sacrifice) But sometime knowing something and feeling it are two different things. I thought this would be a quick painting but it actually took longer than expected. I like it though - a sweet little painting, nothing to deep or dark.

I think if I was to do it over, I might use a frame without the seams as collaging my pieces over them feels a bit "applied" and because of the seams it is hard to "blend" them into the whole. I could definitely see this in a little girl's room though. Shouldn't each of us know that we are enough and that it more than opinion, it is unshakable TRUTH.

Below is one more of my frame paintings. "The Agreement" This is a favorite of mine. Pretty intuitively painted. I keep it in my guest room which is striped with tangerine, gold and blue. It goes so perfectly and no I did not plan it that way. You can see a little "zeti" influence. I adore Tesha Moore and this gives a slight wink in her direction.

It is time to head to work now so I've got to wrap on up. Praying to stay calm, positive, and productive -& may your day be this way too! It is a glorious morning. The sun is shining and blessings are sure to fall, just got to keep my eyes open and my arms wide.

Music for the morning: John Legend's beautiful song "All of Me" with Lindsey Stirling!

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