Sunday, June 29, 2014


S H A R I N G 
I am a bundle of half secrets, and partial truths.
I am like an onion made of layers and layers of skin. Is there a core, a center? Or if peeled would there be nothing. How much is real?
I live double lives. How many of me are there? Are we the same? Is my essence me? I want to be known. But who am I? How can I build a relationship, if I don’t risk exposure. What am I hiding from? Who am I so afraid of?
We only love what we know. If I am unknowable, how can I expect love. Life is about trust. Once shattered, how can it be rebuilt.
It is NOT better to be safe than to be open but it is much easier. Safe is an illusion anyway. Life will never be safe. Who wants a safe life?
I say I want a passionate life. A truly passionate life is not shrouded in mist. I can fool myself by doing … so busy … accomplished … so exciting … so empty. Take away the masks -what is underneath. How can I let others in? Slowly, one layer at a time.

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