Sunday, June 15, 2014


Between Dad's death, arthritis, my knee going out & hurting all the time, work and financial pressures, etc, etc, etc, life has been feeling a bit daunting and certainly exhausting. I've been struggling to emotionally stay afloat. I know I am not alone -with slight variations my situation is similar to many if not most women at least at some time in their life. While my particulars may be unique to me the general condition of feeling overwhelmed is I believe fairly universal.

Teatime Dreams: Print of an Exuberant Multicolored Mixed Media Painting celebrating the Joy of Simple Pleasures and New Beginnings by Laurie Sikorowski

Mixed Media Acrylic Painting of Teatime Dreams

I need to make a few changes. First is the physical as I've truly neglected this part of myself. I've got to be more conscience of my eating especially since my knees have made exercise a challenge. "Eat to Live, not Live to Eat." I will find ways to gently move more and change my mindset from diet equals deprivation to a more positive point of view and enjoy the planning of healthy fresh eating. It is a matter of treating my body like the temple that it is.

Then there is the issue of TIME (oh little word, I've failed you so far) How to balance everything. I feel lost right now on this one. Better planning each week, yet still allowing for spontaneity. Prioritizing by importance, instead of what is easiest or most fulfilling. I need to not procrastinate especially on the frogs. Just Do It Already -and find the pleasure and joy in even the most mundane and difficult.

On the topic of time, I will not let the "real" needs take over. I say "real" (although maybe tangible is a better word) loosely because I will refocus my mornings and NOT skimp on my quiet time with the Lord as this could certainly explain a lot of my current emotional unrest. This is truly the most "real" and important thing I can do. Matthew 6:33 reads "...but seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you." I need to rely less on me and more on Christ.

Laurie Sikorowski -The strange gift

Mixed Media Acrylic Painting of the Greek Myth Goddess Persephone

I will also keep moments available for creative endeavors. Art is my gift and such a place of solace. When I am creating, I am in a state of bliss. I will not let guilt creep into my personal and "unprofitable" art play like my time of art journaling and doodling. I need to remember that not every moment has to be productive in an obvious way. 

I still want to get a class together. I really think I would be a very good art teacher/mentor. Oh balance, it is so difficult.

On a last artsy note, I bought a book "Go Dog Go" for a commissioned page (so excited to start working on it) but the book first sent was a small board book (the right book is on its way) so I've decided to make a Blessings/Inspiration focused art journal out of it. Perfect timing, don't you think? What better way to begin this refocussed attitude. There are no coincidences in life. I choose to see this little book mix-up as a gift and the first in many blessings I've been too distracted and stressed to notice. Ok Laurie, open your eyes and embrace your beautiful life! Well, I just think I will!

Music for the moment: 

Francesca Battistelli - "This Is The Stuff"


  1. Just read your post about the LEE big-eyed art. Love that it inspired you with your artwork today! Loved your story about when you were a kid :) Glad I found your blog too! Keep in touch :)

  2. Thanks Dot (that is actually my Mam-Maw's name -the one whose house had the Lee prints)
    I will.