Thursday, June 26, 2014

Painting Little

Hello & Good Evening!

Sweet Artist Trading Cards

Just posting a quick up-date on a few projects. First I've started a page of ATCs. I hadn't done many lately and just felt the need for a little swapping so I've got to get two with the theme "Serenity" out this month (yes, I know the month is almost over hence the hurry) I love to paint little sometimes. Such immediate gratification -well as immediate as any artsy thing I do. I am not the speediest to say the least. Can you guess my totem? The Turtle: slow but steady, has a tendency to snap when provoked, and likely to tuck back into its shell. Both of land and sea. Oh definitely the turtle. Now, I've always like redbirds and owls as well but you know, why buck my nature. Some things just are :)

Next to share: I am working on a custom piece of artwork related to the book "Go Dog Go." I've got several variations mocked up and I've got to decide which to turn into the final piece. I am letting Sheri, who commissioned the piece choose if she likes. I can visualize finishing anyone of them.

Any comments or thoughts from the blog'osphere? Just when I think I have a fav, I change my mind. Once a selection is made, I'll collage on then tweak and blend and add more paints and probably some pastels. Could include words depending -we will see.

Anyway, it is getting late and I am starting to yawn so I'd better turn out the light! 
Have an Artful Evening! 

Peace Out!

Music for tonight:
A double feature by
Iggy Azalea

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