Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Simple Things

Hello Dear Ones! I've a new painting to share :)
Simple things detail

Life can feel so complicated and it is so easy to lose our joy.  I created this little piece is a reminder to take an emotional step back, breathe, and count my BLESSINGS.  I've been lost and overwhelmed lately and so often it truly is the simple things in life which re-center us - goodness knows I need a bit of re-centering

This painting was concieved from a comment/request from a lady on etsy who is going through a rough time right now.  Her husband recently left and I can relate to her pain. Dreams shattered hurt worse than broken bones.  She has three daughters; the blondes are twins so how fun to create something positive to celebrate this beginning of her new path in life. 

Joining this sweet little family are birds, flowers, and stars all under a waning moon. There is also a butterfly in the mother's hair as a nod to my mom's transformation as she passed from this earthly home to her eternal one along side my dad. Creating art helps me process life and heal from still raw emotions. My heart swells when I think  it might also brings a bit of light and joy in to the live's of those who view it :)

I've included snippets of items from my own MOM in this piece: leaves cut from a sympathy card, words cut from one of her favorite "tea" napkins, the moon and stars cut from a watercolored sheet that she had doodled on, and finally the daughter's tops which I cut from another of her tissue paper and watercolored sheets. The background music applied to the wood board (a scrap sample from work) is "Across the Universe."
Mixed Media Family Art

I've included a few photos to share my meandering process of creating art. Notice in the first photo I've finished most of my background and am playing with the girl's placement on the panel. I painted the faces separately in my mixed media pad then cut them out so I could see what layout worked best with the patterns that had evolved on the background. Also I wanted this painting to be a little brighter and softer than most of my work so I used almost only white and yellow acrylics along with watercolor crayons until near the very end. In the next photo, I've change the orientation completely and am almost done. I've collaged on manipulated scrapbook papers for the hair. The bottom photo is the finished piece; I've added the stars, the pink birds' cheeks and highlights to the girls' faces. I also rubbed a red pastel only the edge of the panel. I hope you've enjoyed seeing some of how my art comes together! Prints are available on Etsy if you'd like a copy of your own :)

Music for today: of course "Across the Universe"  by the Beatles, and sung by Rufus Wainwright and sung by Fiona Apple :)
Below: my initial inspiration sketch tucked in one of my many journals.

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