Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Grand Festival of Art


The Grand Festival of Art in Fairhope was this past weekend. It was located on the grounds of Faulkner Junior College. Very park like... nice. It was a lovely break from a very stressful work week.

I got to enjoy the amazing almost autumn weather while manning my booth. Still a bit hot in the sun but the humidity was down and you know that crisp fall scent -so distinct, crisp, slightly fresh even - well I got a whiff of it. My favorite season hands down. It makes you want to bite an apple, sip some hot chocolate, throw on a scarf and cuddly sweatshirt or sweater (the one that is a little too big and has been washed so much its baby bottom soft but fraying along the edges), light a fire, climb a tree, ride a bike, plant some mums, daydream in a hammock ....  Oh Yeah my favorite season!!! Welcome Autumn!!! I can't wait to create a few fall inspired paintings.

But now back to this past weekend, the pace was pretty slow but enough to do ok especially since my expenses didn't include gas or a place to stay. The nice thing about the slowness (and beautiful weather) is that I got to create this little beauty here. It is a small canvas with mostly white acrylic, graphite and watercolor crayons (easy to carry along type supplies)

Laurie Sikorowski - Out on a Limb
"Out on a Limb"

At first I wasn't going to have a girl on it. In fact, I painted a dragonfly with a top hat to befriend my birdie originally but it was missing something. So even though I was quite proud of how my dragonfly's wings turned out, I painted over him. Sometimes you've got to go with your gut and adjust. I love how her body is a little plumper than most of my girlies. Also even though my scrap stash was quite limited at the show, only a small ziplock baggy full, I think I found the perfect hair. It is from part of a large scale purple flowered scrapbook sheet. I pinched out the center from one of the flowers and Ta-Da ... Here she is! Out on a Limb with her Bestie Birdie!

Music: God Only Knows (Mixed Artists)

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