Saturday, January 4, 2014

What Word Will It Be?

Hello 2014!  I am trying out words to see which will be my inspiration for you. I have a gut feeling that you are going to be very special. I was rather happy to see 2013 pass along. A rather difficult season but yeah for new beginnings. 

Blue AngelI've selected an annual word for several years now. The first year I did this was with the word "Rebloom" and it remains a very special word for me. In fact, it is what I called my very first blog post. The next year I claimed "Flourish" and last year it was "Create." I let the word come to me although sometimes it does need a little teasing to make itself known.

I like the idea of a word for the year because it provides structure and can help you make decisions about the actions you will take during that year -Are you moving towards or way from your intentions? And one word sure is easier to remember than tons of New Year resolutions. I can stay focused on my word all year long but resolutions -goodness I rarely make it to February. (Not that I don't still have a few, unfortunately they tend to be the same year after year because I can't quite make them stick)

There seems to be about three themes that most fall into this year but a single vision hasn't jumped out yet. I am trying to be patient and not just grab one but rather carefully and prayerfully consider each individually. I do have a notion of possibly having a sub-category of a unique word for each month as well as for the year. I have done this with virtues before and it was helpful as it kept me more mindful during the month and hopefully did produce some lasting changes. 

Well now without further ado, here is my list of contenders for this year. 

Forward, Patience, Thrive, Assert, Gratitude, Do, Complete, Open, Fulfill, Brave, Respect, Balance, Offense, Resolve, Center, Celebrate, Focus, Accomplish, Engage, Actualize, Transform, Realize, Intention, Confidence, Joy, Share, Peace, Perseverance, Contentment, Possibility, Empower, Inspire, Catapult, Relationship, Bold, Seek, Find, Shine, Prosper, Intent, Focus, Gumption, Persist, Engage, Community, Vision, Progress

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