Sunday, June 9, 2013


I guess I'll start my blogging adventure with a little about myself and why I'm here wanting to share my artful journey with the the world. (Scary as it seems right now)

Growing up, I could spend hours creating imaginary worlds. I would go through reams of paper illustrating the images in my mind. One picture would always lead to another and another and another...

In college, I channeled this need to create to the field of architecture. Whether designing a simple residence or an entire community, I love the process of taking people’s stories, dreams, desires, and blending them with my own to create something wholly unique. So for twenty years and counting, I’ve designed buildings as my way of storytelling.

Through the years, art became secondary. In my head, it morphed into this deep esoteric concept, completely divorced from the fantasies that I still drew in private as cards and paper-crafts.

Then something REBLOOMED. I found myself filling countless sketchbooks at a remarkable rate. I wanted to surround myself with simple joys. I was drawn to whimsical quirky characters. Art fills my mind and heart and spills unexpectedly on to whatever I have at hand.

So after the insightful nudgings of family and friends, here I am, ready to play, learn, teach, explore, flourish, and occasionally fail, essentially following my heart in to ARTFUL BLISS. I am still an architect during the workweek but I am also an artist and this is my path. I have set up an Etsy shop and am slowly beginning the process of sharing my passion with the world. Please feel free to join me on this journey :)

Here is a Sampling of My More Whimsical Current Artwork.
(As You can see I am Fascinated by the Female Face)

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  1. So glad to find your blog today. I just love your artistic style and wonderful paintings. I've dabbled a little in paints (acrylics mostly) but nothing as lovely as yours. Looking forward to all you post!