Friday, June 21, 2013

Rainy Day Drive

I had quite a busy day today.  I was trying to get an architectural project completed and ready for patient move-in Monday and of course nothing goes as expected.  One pleasant aside was that my Dad came with me as I ran from place to place pretty much the whole day.  My Mom and I often spend the day together but not so frequently is it just me and my Dad.  He got to see the building I designed, the 3-D printer and CNC Router working at the shop with Pete, and then we had a "cheat" meal of BBQ across the bay in Mobile.
On our way back to Fairhope, it rained intermittently. I just love how everything looks through the windshield with the droplets blurring and morphing the scenery.  I imagine it is a bit like what you might see while on a sixty's acid trip - Just needed a little Doors to be playing in the background.
I was inspired to try to capture the moment with my phone.  It was rather tricky trying to take a photo - as it seemed like just when I thought I could catch a perfect shot, the rain would stop or a truck would pull in front of us. Urg! I did get a few though. I'm including two of them with this post. I added a slightly grundgy sepia border on the top photo and enhanced the grain on the other one. I think they could possibly influence a future piece of art. Hummm... the wheel are already turning in my head.

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