Monday, June 24, 2013

Inspiration behind Pop's Quilter Fish

A Bit About the Inspiration Behind my Quilter Fish Collage:
My Dad loved to fish when I was growing up and often we would walk across the street to our neighbor's pond and spend time together fishing. Even though I would typically end up letting mine go (I couldn't bring myself to kill them) these family times hold very dear memories.
Then as an adult, I learned to scuba dive and wow -the underwater world is amazing. Floating among the colorful surreal surroundings is at once deeply peaceful and yet completely exhilarating. I am so at home under the sea. I am blessed to live near Mobile Bay and only 30 minutes from the Gulf of Mexico so I can indulge my need for the salt water life fairly often.
Well, this collage is an homage to those two things - My Dad and Scuba Diving with a folksy craftsy little twist. I tried to stylize it in a way reminiscent of a quilt (another thing I just adore) 
You see, one day, I am going to create art quilts. Yet another item I have in the ever-growing when I retire list. (ha-ha) I have  books on them, scraps of fabric waiting, and even bought an amazing art quilt from an art center exhibit by Suzanne Wray called "Aren't the Weeds Beautiful" which now proudly hangs in the passage to my bedroom. I think that's part of why I enjoy collage so much. It is a little like quilting without the sewing know how needed. Of course with great quilting there is also that wonderful dual story of color then the layer of stitching. Kind of picks up the whole mixed media thing. I knew there had to be a connection  -everything inter-woven eventually.

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