Sunday, March 2, 2014

I left my ♥ in San Francisco!

Hello Beautiful Blog World!

I'm back from an amazing whirlwind trip to San Francisco: Land of the Laid Back and California Cool! So much to see, do, and eat. Enchanting. My dear friend, Pat and I stayed with her sister-in-law, Angelika in Twin Peaks. What an incredible  birthday present!

San Francisco Trip 2014

Here is a snapshot of what we did: Japanese Garden, Chinatown, Financial District & Public Gardens (these were the free volunteer library tours -nice) Land's End with beach hike and Sutro bath ruin, quick bit of the Castro District, Presidio and Golden Gate Park (amazing views from the De Young Museum Tower) Fisherman's Wharf, Cable Car ride, and the Mission District. Not to mention great bars, restaurants, and general rambling about. Still so much we didn't get to -I simply must make it back!

Everything was inspiring and I can't wait to incorporate thoughts and memories into new pieces. Unfortunately since I crammed at least two weeks worth of sight seeing into less than one, I didn't get to do any sketching. My next visit will be a more leisurely one since I caught most of the touristy "must dos" (Ok, I kid myself, I'll still be trying to cram as much as possible in as short a period of time as possible, but the third time will be charmed, then I'll relax!)

Two highlights of the trip were the Murals and Street Art of the Mission District and the Mosaic Steps.

Graffiti Collage 2014 Laurie Sikorowski

On the murals and graffeti: WOW!!!! A picture is worth a thousand words so I collaged a few of my phone photographs together. I was blown away. I am in awe of street art. It brought to mind my previous post "Glorious Imperfection." I love how transient it is - both precious and not because of its impermanence. The walls are truly masterful works of creativity!

Then the mosaic steps: surprising jewels tucked into the hills of a lovely residential neighborhood. So worth the steep climb! The first set is all earthy and vibrant. Then when I didn't think it was possible for the next to compare, Oh -BEAUTIFUL! even more beautiful than the first if that is possible. From sea to sky- brilliant and glowing.

I know all my hyperbole is probably making you ill in that "can't you take the PDA to a private room" sort of way. But honestly this particular strain of sickness makes you puke rainbows, hearts, and butterflies. Deep Sigh. Yes, San Francisco, you took my heart; I will be back!

Cheers to My 50th Year!
Music to Drink (oops, I mean create by)

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