Sunday, March 16, 2014

Rain Rain - Go Away!

Rainy Day Blues

The Rainy Day Blues -this year's Arts and Crafts Festival was a bit mixed. Friday was nice as well as Saturday morning but then the rain came and boy, do I mean it came down -like cats & dogs!

There was a river running down the back side of my tent. Luckily I don't think anything was damaged. I removed all my art Saturday evening (in between the drizzle and downpour) but left up the tent, then early Sunday morning I took it down. My rug is totally soaked. I've got to figure how to to clean and dry it. At least I was snug at home before mid-morning because then a crazy bluster of wind, rain, and lightning came (like hang on or you'd be blown away kind of wind) Now this afternoon, the sky has cleared off (sort of) to a grey overcast mist even though the weather channel gave it 100% of severe storms.

I made my booth fee at least but not much more. Sort of disappointing for such an exhausting weekend but tomorrow is another day. I've got three more shows scheduled for this spring. April 5th is the Festival on the Ponce in Atlanta, then the Sandy Springs Artapalooza on the 12th and finally Pensacola's Art Festival on May 17th. Opportunities to sell a little art and see friends. Also, I really do enjoy visiting with the show go-ers; you meet some fascinating folks.

I'm rev'd up to start creating. First though (as usual) there is more putting away and organizing. An emerging after show ritual. But besides not having quite enough proper places for everything to go, going through my work and supplies is kind of fun. Bits you had forgotten about get rediscovered and new ideas take shape.

Au Revoir!

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  1. Sounds like some of a weekend... What a good idea to remove your art...
    Really love this little mixed media rainy girl. The expression in her face is amazing. Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog - and have a nice day.