Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ramblings during a Work Day

Laurie Sikorowski Portrait

  Oh Happy Day, free two hour parking just a block from the City-County building (lets hope my meeting doesn't go over an hour and a half as I am early -yet another blessing; traffic was amazingly smooth. I made record time though Daphne and across the Bay. Now, I've got a free 20 minutes to write, sketch, daydream, whatever.
   I've been fighting some frustration and bitterness lately. The homeless lady I've been allowing to stay temporarily in my house doesn't seem to have any personal motivation to help herself and I guess would be perfectly happy to stay at my house forever.
   I keep telling myself this is an opportunity to show God's mercy but I feel like a failure -between irritation at my inhospitable thoughts and at the opposite pole - irritation at my lack of assertiveness.
What should be a win-win gift from God, the blessing of using my house to do his bidding, I have turned into a loose-loose. Please no pity; it just makes me feel guilty. I am merely venting. I so do love the Lord and want to make him smile.
   Next is the overwhelming amount left to do on the house and the $$$ it is going to cost. I am tired of being cold until I can get the mechanical units replaced -And while I am cold I still have high utility bills with the gas fireplace (but how happy I am to have it) and electric blankets.
   Goodness I sound so negative today -but really I feel wonderful. Guess a few things have been simmering and hit a quick boil. Time to turn off the burner! It is dreary, cold and wet but my heart is lighter than it has been in a while. My radio is blaring and I am singing in my usual off-key way. Joyful noise and all, you know. Life is beautiful!
   I keep wondering how I can use my art in a glorifying way. Giving to good causes of course, but what about just by creating and bring small bits of joy in to the world? I know the happiness that I get from creating is in itself a glorifying thing. Creating is an activity in the image of my maker - and Oh how he delights in the beautiful and even the just plain weird. Think of the insect kingdom -talk about bazaar. Obvious God has one way out sense of humor!
   Back from my meeting; rezoning accomplished. Yeah and while a little over on the parking time -no ticket (knock on wood) I've stopped by Guido's restaurant (so so good) and while I was planning on a little soup to take the chill off; they have a shrimp special today. Mmmm... my mouth is watering. Go to go. Time for some good eats!

   Music for my Madness: Fleet Foxes (Whole Album on YouTube -I love this band!)


  1. Love your work!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!! :) I'm off to look at your blog some more!