Monday, February 10, 2014

My Little DayDream Bee-liever!

Laurie Sikorowski

With my birthday just a little away, I have several more of my "Literary Ladies" yet to complete. So tonight I painted on one I had drawn out yesterday. I've decided to play around with a few collage bits on this one and thought I'd post a sampling of my options and then the final little darling. 

First Option: Butterfly Blouse and Purple Flower in Hair.

Second Option: Pink Beret, Bird Headed Bee, and Gothic Fence.

Third Option: Party Hat, Oversized Sunglasses, Word Bird, and Ledger Skirt.

Fourth Option: Flower Eye Patch, Stick Hair Piece, Gothic Fence with Bird Head, and Tissue Paper Dress.

Fifth and Final Option: Bumble Bee in Hair, Ledger Skirt, and Striped Paper Belt.

I decided to go with number five. I used Matte Gel to attach and then Fluid Acrylics to blend in the new elements and finish up details in her eyes and cheeks. So there you go... my latest little cutie pie all completed. 
Daydream Believer
Daydream BEE-liever!


  1. She is so sweet! I love the bee. I loved the bird-headed bee too!

  2. Thank you Sarah. It was fun playing around with possibilities. In fact, I had to make my self stop so I could actually finish her up. I kept thinking -what about this & what if I tried that.