Thursday, September 29, 2016


Hi Ya'll! I just wanted to update with progress and final photos of the custom piece I mentioned in my last post. This will be a quickie. First the background, lots of yummy color and texture!

Laurie Sikorowski - Mixed Media Background
Next, I start ghosting out my girl and horse. (First time painting a horse -totally enjoyed the challenge!) I honestly could have kept it close to this and been happy but I felt for this particular painting defining more features was appropriate.
Laurie Sikorowski - Mixed Media Painting
So more paint: butterfly, feathers & flowers! Then the words: sparkle & shine as well as lots of literal sparkle courtesy of my glittery gel pen and glow-in the dark paint for the stars. Finally some turquoise ribbon collaged on. This photo makes the face texture appear exaggerated which doesn't really happen in real life. It is on a nice thick panel board so the image continues on through the sides. Somewhere I have a much better final photo but for now this is pretty close. If I find it I'll add it if I can in the comments.

Well, that is my share for today! Serendipitously, the young lady is up for a reward for her horsemanship. How awesome is that -I had no idea at the conceptual stage. It is now with its new owner and she loves it (Yay! Yay! Yay!)
Laurie Sikorowski - Mixed Media Painting
Here is my sketch that I shared in the previous post so you can see how she evolved. Pretty Fun, huh?


  1. magical! so colourful! I adore that horse!

  2. Thanks! I really had fun painting it. I want break out and paint some more animals without my girls always being in the picture (and I will) but I find that when I get to my studio, I tend to want to paint yet another whimsical girl. I don't know whether I need to push myself to get out of my comfort zone (and I do times) or go with the flow since painting the girls gives me such a sense of relaxation and enjoyment.