Friday, August 5, 2016

Just A Blogg'n on this Fine Fine Day!!

Hello Sweet Sunshine!  Hello Beautiful Day!

Wow! What a wonderful morning -lazy and long, my very favorite kind! I've got a bacon and rolls cooking so it smells divine in my little townhouse. Very homey and comforting. Goodness, don't smells just take you places. I remember camping with my family while growing up; breakfast cooked outside on a small Coleman camp stove -mmmmm! Why is it that eating outside makes food taste so much better? What fabulous family times: the good- laughter, games, such silliness & the well umm -yet anther Confederate battlefield, shivering our butts off (Dad's shaving cream freezing on his face), even a fox hunt through our camping site, yeah, my dad kind of believed wherever you stopped could be a perfectly fine place to pitch a tent (like within a step or two of an unmarked cliff which we didn't notice till the next morning or the edge of a school playground waking to the sound of a mass of kids walking to school) Oh but goodness, it all makes me SMILE now!

I've got some serious family-needing fever going on lately as well as an intense itch to travel! Time is just flying by. The year is swiftly flowing like sands through an hourglass (get the cheesy tv reference -lol) but it is so true. I've got a longing to flip that sucker back over. Two years since Mom unexpectedly joined Dad in Heaven. It is still surreal. I catch myself wanting to call and share. I miss that unconditional love! I hope my girls know that is how I feel for them. That BIG MOTHER LOVE -it is one of those things you can't adequately put in to words; it has to be felt to be fully understood!

Ok, now to a little artsy stuff before I close & I am SUPER EXCITED about it! I've just started a commissioned piece for the mom of a lovely young lady with down syndrome. My challenge is keeping it cute and whimsical without either minimizing or over emphasizing the characteristics of the down syndrome. She appears to be a remarkable girl who is patriotic, loves country music, rides horses, and has a special affinity for Texas. Her sparkly personality really jumps out of her photos and I so want to produce a piece of art that captures her essence and of course brings joy to her and her mom. I've gotten my initial sketch approved and am now working on the background. It'll be yummy with lots of texture and happy colors. (finding unique color combinations and coming upon fabulously saturated colors makes my heart beat faster -even just imagining them lifts my spirits, crazy, huh?) I've included a horse in the composition. This is going to be fun as I've never tried a whimsical horse before. May take a few practice pages in the art journal before starting the actual one.

Well, I'd better get going. Busy day ahead with lots to do! (Oh and to throw an totally unrelated item in the mix -I'm volunteering in Fairyland for the Midsummer's Night Dream event tomorrow night. How appropriate!!! I actually convinced my younger brother I had an identical twin fairy sister when I was little, heck, I almost convinced myself! Mom would have gotten a kick out of this)

Ok, going for real now! Have an amazingly artful day! Adios! Hasta Luego!

Laurie Sikorowski
Me, chillaxing to a little jazzy morning music mix
after my shower while waiting for my clothes to dry!
Post''n just 'cause I can -LOL!


Morning Mix:
(David Lewis Luong is a member of the 'Music for Good' charity program on Reverbnation. For every song you buy from David's Reverbnation site (, 50% of the money you spend on his songs will be donated to a charity organisation -almost an hour of music )
Breakfast Jazz by David Lewis Luong

Evening Mix:
(Beautiful quite long instrumental playlist of various artists -almost 4 hours of music)
Epic Fantasy Mix

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