Saturday, March 19, 2016

Island Days

I am alive “surprise”, I know, I know, it has been soooo long.  
Artsy update: had a great show at the Key West Old Island Days Show.  Lots of little originals now have new homes, yeah!  
Key West Mermaid and Seahorses

A couple with barely dry paint -Literally as I was painting during the show.  An example is the little MERMAID above. Do you notice the bit of Key West influence? (Yes, my last post was a bit Mermaidy too!) This photo collage which I created with Picmonkey shows the process from sketch and background to the final canvas.  I often try different aspects with a trace paper overlay. On this painting, you can see me playing with various top options.  I ended up with a sort of grecian gauzy one.  Hopefully you'll see more tropical influences as I continue to live, work, & play down here!

Fearless Girl Power Art

Here is another painting I created during the show, "FEARLESS". A quicker freer GIRL POWER piece! Such Fun!  I love painting bold vibrant backgrounds. Aren't these colors just fabulous?
Back to the show, Pete came and helped me set up and take down my tent.  OMG… so grateful!  I did the Botanical Gardens Show by myself and it was just too difficult. Seriously!!!  If I were taller, it would help tremendously –but even so not nearly enough.  I’m working on some alternate ways of setting up and displaying which should make it a little better.  But still...
 I’d like to find a gallery to show my art in the near future if possible.  I’ve just got to get off my tush and see what is out there.  Luckily some of the show-goes gave me several suggestions of options on the island.
Well, that is my update for now but I promise the next post will be coming soon.  I want to share the process I used creating my postcards. They turned out so cute and the affirmations, honestly they were as much for me as anything else.

Today's Quote: "The best way to get things done is to simply begin!"
Music for today: Mary Mary -"Go Get It"
Sometimes life is hard and confusing and unfair -there are times when we really need inspiration. I find words, art, & nature are my go tos but I also turn to music. Yes, music! Glorious music! Pretty much every genre has some song that speaks to me. I have found so much inspiration in music which is why I typically include a link on my blog with every post. I hope you enjoy getting to know me a bit through the songs I share! 
Blessings & Love,
Laurie Anne


  1. Oh my god. I adore your mermaid!!!

    1. Laurie, I'm a mermaid-obsessed person. Atara suggested I come and visit, but I kept getting the wrong page, she is beautiful! Atara made me my first mermaid, and she may need a friend!
      Lovely, fabulous artwork.

      Where do you sell your lovely work? Was the mermaid a OOAK?
      Thank you

    2. HI Tara, See is now listed in my easy store :)