Saturday, March 19, 2016

Postcard Process Number One - The Beginning

Be True!  Be Curious!  Be Passionate!  Be Loving!  Be Kind!  Be Creative!
I'm back. Sooner than you expected, right?  My goodness, it has been glorious outside!  Seriously gorgeous!  I am just loving my new little convertible.  I've never been a big driver usually preferring to be the rider but with the topdown and the sun shining -I don't know.  Times they are a changing!  Anyway it is so putting a great big grin on my face! I am pumped and ready to Live Full Throttle! 
Soul Sister's Postcard Swap
Ok now, lets get right down to the art, baby!  I’m going to share the steps and process I used in creating my postcards for a “Soul Sisters” postcard swap (the name came after the fact –but isn’t it great?) 16 postcards to inspire and share –such fun but quite a challenge. As you’ll see while each card was very different, I used the same colors, materials, and techniques in the same sequence at the same time to bring them from start to almost finish. The final little bits with the individual girls, I broke out and finished up one by one. It definitely took a little longer than I anticipated, but hey, I am the turtle girl so that is pretty much par for my course.

First thing before any paint hits the paper, I came up with my intentions / aspirations -something Kelly Rae Roberts goes in to with her Hello Soul, Hello Mantra course. I thought of what goals did I not only have for my cards but for my life right then.

Words to Aspire and Inspire!

BEING TRUE really stood out. I know many folks think the Myer-Briggs Typology is kind of silly but after taking a couple on-line tests, particular the one at PersonalityHacker, I found I am most likely an INTP (Introverted Intuitive Thinking Perceiver) and upon reading the descriptions and understanding the functional stacks, there was this profound - "you mean that there are others out there that are kind of like me" moment.  (you see, not that many people, particularly women are INTPs which is probably why it affected me so much since I've always felt "different" -a social awkwardness, like to be perceived as normal, there is this bit of a facade that I must wear that doesn't quite fit) The feeling was actually quite similar to the one I got when I found the mixed media/ art journaling on-line community.  That was another big OMG moment for me.  All these cool unique creative encouraging women that got off on some of the same things that I did. Wow! I digress, so back to topic.

I created my intentions on grid paper (because it happened to be what was on my desk at the time) with wings (to remind me that I am capable and am made to soar) and a heart (to remind me that I do not have to be perfect, it is more about intent and process than product) but it can be much simpler, just words scribbled on a piece of paper or even written on your arm. This sets the mood, sort of like taking a deep cleansing breath.  So this is step one.  Easy-peasy, right?  More fun is just ahead!

Because next we start our BACKGROUNDS!  Yea! (I'm trying to break up my posts a little more since I tend to be a bit long winded but of course if you want to go start to finish you will have to read backwards once I'm done. We will see how this goes then I'll evaluate for future multi-post processes)

Music for today: Thirteen Senses, "Do No Wrong"
(Because I find it hauntingly beautiful)

Quote for today: "I am thankful for my struggle because without it I wouldn't have stumbled upon my strength." -Alex Elle


  1. Wow!Thank you so much for putting so much dedication and love into your cards. I feel very lucky to be receiving one of them. And thank you so much for blogging and for sharing your process. This is so wonderful!

  2. These look amazing Laurie! I must come back to find out how you made them! I was intrigued by the personality test, so I completed it - only to realize that I had this done many years ago in one of my first jobs with the same result: INFP. I wonder what proportion of artists are in the "introvert" category. Certainly very interesting! Thanks for sharing that link and also for visiting earlier! Have a lovely Sunday!