Friday, September 11, 2015

Studio & Art Update

Welcome to my little art blog! (with lots of life and other bits thrown in)

It has been a bit of a long time since my last post as I am still getting settled both physically and emotionally from my move to Key West, Florida. It is definitely taken longer than anticipated, for sure! The studio is almost done (just a more couple boxes and  a bit of "pretty-ing" up) Oh and I still need a comfy chair -my little stool is good for an hour or two then it gets mighty hard.

Art Studio Tour

Since my townhouse is so small, I've got art everywhere. Its bright, happy, and whimsical. My big house was more earthy and cozy; this one is lighter and more modern. A mix of whatever extra furniture that made it down with Ikea infills. I'll do a house tour in an upcoming post (I intend to be more consistent again with my blogging -I've got some fun new ideas to implement)

Laurie's Mixed Media Acrylic Painting of a Whimsical Bluebird and Blueberries in a Striped VaseNow for an update on some of what I've been doing artwise... I'm starting a couple movie themed ATCs for a swap, finishing up my Grandma Blueberry painting (the companion piece with gold leafing to a little sailboat paint that I sold -they are now both up on the new owner's wall, yea!) and I completed the hospital fundraiser coloring page.

I really enjoyed creating the coloring page. Hey, it is themed doodling -what's not to love, right? I knew I wanted to incorporate a girl (sort of my signature) as well as flowers (so much fun to color) and immediately my mom came to mind.
Sketching on an Adult Coloring Book Page

She loved making things pretty! From setting out napkins, to decorating for every holiday (yes, she is the reason I have an entire storage unit of Christmas stuff !?!) to having a patio filled with gorgeous potted plants. She would make a ritual of going out in the morning and watering, weeding, and tidying up the plants. And such a collection... whatever lovely blooming thing that caught her or dad's eye made its way into a pot or bed, the more the merrier!

Rose and Carey SmithI really miss her. I made her crazy sometimes; she'd worry (my brain worked so differently from hers) but I knew I was unconditionally loved. And talk about a cheerleader, she believed I could do anything even when I doubted. She and dad both were so proud of all their kids. They could give opinions, mind you. And we didn't always agree on everything but I am so blessed to have had them as my parents. What cherished memories!

Anyway back to the coloring page, after completing the image, square to fit the hospital's requirement, I decided to add a fitting quote in honor of Mom and also format the art for an 11x17 page. "She was never so joyful and content as when puttering about her garden." Oh, so true! (The images in my mind of Mom with her curly hose watering various containers tucked under the large shade canopy while I sit on the glider chatting with a cup of coffee is so vivid.)

Adult Coloring Page -Garden Girl Quote

Now as a send-out-the-love happy for anyone who happens to be reading along this far,  I've separated out the bottom portion of my drawing and switched out the wording as a sharable Black & White image so feel free to save it and use as you will. It is my gift to you!  (Any other images and art I post, please do pin but otherwise don't take or use without credit or permission -Thank you)

The Earth Laughs In Flowers Quote Printable Illustrated Art

Please enjoy! Have an amazingly artful day and I hope you'll come back soon! 
Blessings -Laurie Anne

Music for to today: Marian Hill, a new favorite of mine!

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