Saturday, July 18, 2015

Packaging Love :)

Hi!  I hope you are having an AWESOME AMAZING ARTFUL kind of day  :)

Creative Packaging

In this post, I am highlighting some of the protective packaging envelopes I CREATE for my etsy art prints.  My materials are quite simple: cardboard or similar material, cardstock and sometimes old book pages, tape, and either back and white ink or white colored pencil.

The part I like about creating the protective envelopes is not the constructing of the thing itself, it is the drawing/decorating part.  You see, I just love to doodle and doodling on the wrapping when I send a bit of may art out into the world makes me very HAPPY! (Sometimes I like the doodles as much as my prints)  There have even been a couple times that I've gotten so caught up on creating my packaging that I've ended up missing my post office deadline and had to go back to mail items out the next day.

Little Birdie Doodles

How much and what goes on to the package depends on how much a rush I am in and what my mood is at the moment.  Also, I say a short prayer over each one -WISHING that my art will bring a touch of JOY and light into the recipient's life.  I really want to put a little something of my PERSONALITY into each package that goes out.  It may only be a little birdie over my signature or it could be a pretty elaborate cityscape. Each time someone orders, it will be at least slightly different (I know if I was shipping out hundreds this wouldn't be possible, but for now it is quite do-able)

Creative Shipping
(This is the most typical example of what I usually do)

Part of the fun, is that it is only the packaging, so nothing is too precious or perfect.  It is sort of like a quick peck on the check or a WILDFLOWER tucked behind the ear.  My way of sending a glittering of gratitude out into the universe.  ENJOY!

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