Sunday, May 1, 2016

More Postcard Postings

Happy Day to Ya!

Last  post of my original cards -goodness, I take  f o r e v e r  to complete a post series, don't I?

These are some of my vertically oriented postcards. You can see how I took the same initial art print and modified it in different ways to create two very different cards on the top "Trust Your Heart" and the bottom "Sense of Wonder." Also It is funny how they take on such real personalities in my mind as I am creating them. The bottom first two are the "Wonder Twins" and the the bottom last is probably the one that most resonates with me personally, she is my "Wanderer" and I kept her open to possibilities without actual words on the front. Later with my wood blocks, I added the words "You are Enough" so she is also known as "Enough." Forgive all the quote marks -really don't know what is with me but this is just what it is today (lol). Please enjoy and have a blessed week! 
-Laurie Anne :)

Postcard Art by Laurie Sikorowski

Music for today: Throwback'n to the early 80s

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