Saturday, August 31, 2013

Life is Art...

      I painted today. A picture from a picture. Was it art? Is it art? A picture from a picture. A still life. Mugs from the House of Humble. It has a beautiful ring to it doesn't it? Oh mine is an interpretation to be sure. But still... I saw more than the picture itself. I looked at the photo and I saw a story. Or maybe I saw less. I don't know. But I saw. Obviously some else saw first. Maybe even composed the whole thing. They gave the arrangement meaning first. There was definitely an intent. Did I copy? I doubt someone would even know that it was inspired from the same thing. It is not the same. But is it art? Imitation is the highest form of flattery ...or so they say. Isn't everything a copy in some way though. Only God can truly create an "original."
      I saw it differently though. I saw it through my eyes. I threw everything I have seen before in to it. I infused it with my memories, my dreams, my fears. The House of Humble. Cups, mugs, a mix, not a set. Humble. Ordinary, made special. Pretentious to say but a metaphor for life. My life. The life I wish to be content with. Humble. Mismatched, cluttered, purposeful, haphazard yet planned.
      I saw lanterns, the beautiful multicolored ones like from a fairytale, lit as a memorial for a life cut too short... or maybe simply complete. Up and away they went over Mobile Bay. A group of young boys caught a catfish, laughing in the water as the lanterns drifted above them. Fish leapt and leapt and leapt.
      The sunset was amazing. Pink air. Cotton Candy air. Making everyone soft and dream-like. Rays of light in distinct beams with grey clouds shifting from car to duck to clown while we watched. Pink fire rippled across the waves. Dancing. Grace over a meal. Fingers touching. Home.
      A wedding reception is going on across the street from my house. I see all the happy people smiling, waving sparklers and honking horns. Each one standing there has something going on inside their head we can't see. But for now there are smiles, tears of joy, flashes from the photographer capturing the moment... to be savored years later. remembered differently perhaps. A picture from a picture. The House of Humble. Gratitude and resentment.
      Life is Art. A picture is more than a picture. Life is precious and fragile and heartbreaking.
Coffee Mugs by a Brick Wall
Today life was art.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rusty Red Truck

Hello! Here is a quick peek at a project I just finished yesterday.

I have had this image in my head of these two girls atop an old ford truck for quite a while now so it was nice to finally decide to try and capture it with paints. This is the final piece snapped with my phone. (I'll post a nice finished image as soon as I can -computer issues still) But you are able to see some of the texture with this photo. I really love layering on the paper scraps and such but often it doesn't show much in the final scanned image like it does in person. The surface texture works particularly well with the scruffy rusty feel on the truck.
Rusty Red Ford

Below is a progress photo from my phone as well -the light is a little better as the sun hadn't gone down yet (An aside: I really need better light in my studio. It has absolutely wonderful northern light from a large window during the day but no overhead lighting at all for late nights or dark days) You can see in this progress photo some of the collage scraps like the racecar tissue paper and ticket stubs from the Barber Motorcycle Museum. Ok, one more tangent thought, the museum, OMG, so awesome. All the motorcycles and racecars but if that is not your thing, the building is spectacular. It is in Birmingham Alabama and is so worth a trip. Sorry, I am being totally ADD today so now back to the art.
I had so much fun painting the truck that I think I'd like to do a few more "old vehicle" paintings. Maybe more up close without people, maybe a cow or two (I have a thing for cows -it is their big expressive eyes)  There is plenty of reference material here in Baldwin County. It always amazes me how many abandoned cars, tractors, and trucks you can find rusting out in fields as you drive along some of the old highways.

Well, That's it for now. Adios Amigos!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Darn Computer :(

My Excuse...

Apparently my computer can't find its hard drive which wonderful folks means I can't get on the internet, I can't get to any of my photoshop art that I didn't back up, I can't get to my art scans that I had saved on the computer, I can't access my recent photos. I am screwed!

I am also irritated at myself for not backing up, for not having that fun money laying around for a brand new computer, for well... I am just plain irritated!

Its been almost two weeks and I've got to figure out what to do. Peter is allowing me to use his laptop tonight, mostly because I had to do computer stuff for my daughter at college but I'm using the opportunity to do a few other things as well. BUT -its a windows computer and I (& I truly hate to admit this) am an Apple Girl. I'm actually pretty good around computers but his is set up so I can't do anything. No quick keys are the same, no right click, browser completely different. I had to work around just to open up a folder and move PDFs (which are much more unfriendly on windows) Urgggg!

I promise not to vent often (well at least that is my intention) but give me some slack OK. This is traumatic! If I am a little lax in the posting department it is not for want of trying. Hopefully by next week (fingers & toes crossed) I can get my computer back up. Maybe if I'm really lucky I won't have lost everything and if I'm really really lucky and the stars align just right, I'll be able to access all my computer stuff. Say a quick prayer and wish upon a star, but for now I'll work off a little stress painting and dreaming of new projects :)

So Long for Now!