Friday, August 16, 2013

Darn Computer :(

My Excuse...

Apparently my computer can't find its hard drive which wonderful folks means I can't get on the internet, I can't get to any of my photoshop art that I didn't back up, I can't get to my art scans that I had saved on the computer, I can't access my recent photos. I am screwed!

I am also irritated at myself for not backing up, for not having that fun money laying around for a brand new computer, for well... I am just plain irritated!

Its been almost two weeks and I've got to figure out what to do. Peter is allowing me to use his laptop tonight, mostly because I had to do computer stuff for my daughter at college but I'm using the opportunity to do a few other things as well. BUT -its a windows computer and I (& I truly hate to admit this) am an Apple Girl. I'm actually pretty good around computers but his is set up so I can't do anything. No quick keys are the same, no right click, browser completely different. I had to work around just to open up a folder and move PDFs (which are much more unfriendly on windows) Urgggg!

I promise not to vent often (well at least that is my intention) but give me some slack OK. This is traumatic! If I am a little lax in the posting department it is not for want of trying. Hopefully by next week (fingers & toes crossed) I can get my computer back up. Maybe if I'm really lucky I won't have lost everything and if I'm really really lucky and the stars align just right, I'll be able to access all my computer stuff. Say a quick prayer and wish upon a star, but for now I'll work off a little stress painting and dreaming of new projects :)

So Long for Now!

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