Monday, December 16, 2013

ACEO Addiction

I just finished posting several of my ACEOs on Etsy.  These little "snapshots" are such fun to draw.  I can explore ideas or poses relatively quickly and without my usual mess.  Thus allowing me to continue to procrastinate the final bit of paper organization in my studio.  Here is a peek of a series of girls in black and white.
Laurie Smith Sikorowski
And below a few that I've taken in to Photoshop and colorized bits.  I declare I get such glee playing with hues, saturation, contrast, inverts, etc.  Pushing the little sliders around is simply addictive.  It reminds me of watching a sunset -the sky goes from light to color after color then dark.  Mesmerizing.  I can entertain myself for hours.
Laurie Smith Sikorowski
I know I have a tendency to overdo the color's intensity sometimes. Yes, I can border on the glaring. My carefully arranged sophisticated palette I so struggle to maintain (LOL) disintegrates in to the mind of a five year old. HAPPY HOT PINKS, VIVID BLUES, and oh my even the occasional NEON GREEN. All the joys of flipping up the top on the 96 mega pack of Crayola crayons back in Kindergarten. Remember the one with the built-in sharpener. Certainly my variations are not all "correct" or even arful but I do hope they make you smile :)

Have a very happy day!
Music to Enjoy: Cyndi Lauper's - Girls Just Want to Have Fun

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