Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Halloween!

What a Boo-tiful Day!
Its the day before Halloween and I am frantically printing out the last of a fun wholesale order of lots of different variations of my Brave Adventure Girl (love these prints) along with a few other images. I've just got to sign and package them up and get to the post office. But of course while in photoshop creating a special request brunette version of holding tight to home, I had to play with one of my scanned ACEOs and make it holiday appropriate!
Laurie Sikorowski Halloween Vampire ACEO

So here is my Mini Red Face Vampire ACEO, "Goulia"
Going with the treat part of trick or treat ('cause goodness you certainly don't want to smell my feet) Feel free to download.  (For other images and art I post, you may pin or link but otherwise don't take or use without credit and permission -Thank you)
 I hope you enjoy this little freebie!

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